Why Buy From

RS Chems Zone

Here are just a few factors that influence clients’ decisions about both pre-packaged chemicals and customized chemical solutions from RSchemszone.


We have earned the title of Investor In People. Additionally, we provide free technical help before, during, and after the sale and pride ourselves on delivering orders on time.


RSchemszone is a ‘green’ company. We strive to minimise the impact we have on our environment and are proud of our certification.


Confidentiality is of utmost importance to our customers and we are happy to put confidentiality agreements in place which protect intellectual property such as chemical formulations.


We can manufacture bespoke, customised chemicals to precise customer requirements, including formulation, pack size, lead times, packaging, and distribution.


We only use reliable, ADR-certified couriers with whom we have established excellent working relationships.


We are highly regarded within the chemical industry, which is demonstrated by that fact that a significant amount of new business comes from word of mouth.


We have an wide range of off-the-shelf products and supply more than 1,000 common chemicals. We also manufacture bespoke chemical blends to your specification or work with you to manufacture what you need.

Technical Expertise

We have highly experienced staff with a wealth of technical knowledge. They will support you before, during, and after your purchase.


Our list products are very competitively priced. Many companies find that manufacturing chemicals is a non-value-adding area of business, so it makes sense to outsource their manufacture to remove time-consuming and expensive internal processes.